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Kata Tjuta, My Nirvana



50 Photos To Excite You About Uluru


ULURU, famous for being a very big rock, but its not until you are driving through the gates of the Uluru–kata Tjuta National Park that you truly realise how massive it is. Photos don’t do it justice at all.

So everyone knows that its a massive rock, but what makes Uluru so special? Well here are some facts about Uluru, its a sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, it is 450km from the nearest large town, Alice Springs. Thats a lot of desert in every direction!



Matt Robertson

My Dad exposed me to photography as a young boy, he always loved taking photos. For him, it was a hobby and a passion; he even photographed a few friends’ weddings. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to turn my passion for photography into my career.

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