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Hi every one, I have not been updating my blog in the past few months or taking many photos as it has been a pretty crazy time. My wife was diagnosed with Cancer in February, it has been the scariest time of our lives but after many tests and hospital appointments we were more than relieved that we had got it early and it has not spread. My wife still has surgery to come and then she will be on the road to recovery.

Altho I have updated my site by adding shop. You can now buy my prints and I am also selling high quality Crystals and Himalayan Salt Lamps.

My prints are available in various sizes from 24 x 16 inch all the way up to a massive 60 x 40 inch. There are 4 options for stock, you can get my images printed on Fine art Paper, stretched canvas that is ready to hang, or just printed on a rolled canvas so that you can do your own thing with it. The premium option tho is Acrylic Face Mounts, this option looks amazing.

Each print is a Limited Edition and Signed and numbered on the back, prints will only be printed 100 times. Perfect for people who are collectors.

To find out more about the printing options click here.

I only have a small amount of crystals available at the moment, I have hand picked all of them from my local supplier who imports them from mines all over the world. I only pick pieces that I would buy for my self so you can be assured that they are all amazing specimens.

If there is a certain type of Crystal/Gemstone you are after let me know and I can try and get them in for you.

New prints will be uploaded on a regular basis so keep you eye open.

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Matt Robertson

My Dad exposed me to photography as a young boy, he always loved taking photos. For him, it was a hobby and a passion; he even photographed a few friends’ weddings. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to turn my passion for photography into my career.

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